So here we are,

There is a shelf,

And people are comparing notes,

And I am like a bandit

That stole kisses

And broke free

From the fire.

I am a phoenix

That didn’t belong

Because she didn’t fit in,

Because she was marked

For something


For an abstract horizon

That God had to mark

To obtain

An aim

That no one

Knew about.

You know I don’t want

The ordinary.

You know that’s not my desire.

But, You created me

In such a way

To do ok

In the fire

And to discern

The light

From the mire.

You’re refining me

Under a hand

That will never grow tired.

How multifaceted

Is this life!

And how few are the places


Where one can imagine,

Where one can focus,

Where one can polish,

Where one can notice,

Where one can remember,

Where one can dream,

Where one is given,

To revel

In the things

That are unseen.

I am totally


By this little plot of land;

And, the ocean

It is surrounding me,

Eating away

At its sand.


You are the rock

And I am your child.

But, I am here

On this earth

For a while.

I am watching

All these projections

Trying to make sense

Of this light show

And trying to do it

In such a way

That I don’t

Let go

Of the balloon string

That is my faith.

So many tails to chase

But only one is true,

According to your word.

And so,

Let me not run

But hold on

To Your words

And Your truth

And let it set me free


I know it will.

Why do I want more than faith?

Why do I want to run?

What is this desire?

This longing?

That fills me

That wants to kill me

When it’s done?



If you are so great

To create

The universe

And it’s stars

Then let me taste

How great you are.

But, I think it’s just

The exercise

Of simple faith

That knits me to You

That allows me to see,

All the ins and outs

That you do.

Maybe I just want this vision

To be as great

As you are.

But, You want it simplified

To Your truth

Because You are God

And You command the waves

To go

And to stay.

You define

What is right,

And what is vain.

Let me be

A vassal

To Your will.

You gave me this vision

Now let me be yoked

To You

And remain still

Even if my

Sliver of land

Grows even smaller

Because the God of the Universe

Will be with me,

And, You will be all I see,

And all I need,

When I look up.





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