Kittens: a discourse of unbelief aka not a litany of truth

Every time i show my true colors

someone loves

to shows up

and complain

maybe look a little deeper

thats the signifigance

in the sturcture

that is my name

maybe its the tension

of this tug of war

that i need

i know the colors

of Your truth

and if it is

its a calling

that every creature

You create


and i am usually caught

doing what i’m supposed to do

but all these kittens

can seem

a little deeper

than distractions to me

and what future do i see you with

that i foresee

i’m not complaining

i’m just crying out

and contending with the word




is a pretty bold token to hold

when your Son died for me

i’m braided

and rated

and catching up with the wind

that blows in and out

through my spirit

from within


i am not helpless

just full of holes

that i allow

when i’m aloud

and unsupervised


does it look good on me?

i know the mark that i’m made for

and i hold all the wisdom within

i just though i’d take off this rubber

and go for a swim

in shark infested waters

hey hey…


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