Whats really important?? Life is important. Theres a little girl who waits two years in an attic to survive only to perish under the cruel hand of dictatorship. I only believe in Christ because I know I would suffocate without him. I’m not perfect. Why does God hand me the things He has? I stopped asking that a long time ago so I could have the luxury of grasping at the thing that are good,  pure, and pleasant. Things I couldn’t even pretend to understand before I was saved. I question my perspective sometimes. I know it’s a matter of faith, but sometimes love even wants to skew my vision.

Love is a commodity that exists in the Body of Christ. How is it sustained? By the Holy Spirit, one head of three in the triune nature of God. How does this work in everyday life?  I’m not sure, only that maybe I stand taller on a level playing field. We all play by the same rules, and the rules are set against us without the concept of grace, that was a concept of love, that begins and ends with God.

I wish sometimes t hat I could stop being human. There are so few things that I feel that really need to be said or done. Except when it comes to love. Thats a debt we’re never really supposed to be free of paying. So many needy people. Of course, until we get our own needs met, its hard to think about anyone else’s. God solidified my concept of reality. I’m thankful to Him for that.

Anyway, I’m thankful for all the people who God has put in my life. And being amidst a Body of Love is like trying to solidify snow that wants to become water. You can’t really solidify a break. Thats not a bad thing.


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