Andera 2

After the water started boiling, and the steam was rushing out through the kettle’s spout causing it to scream, Andrea lifted the lime green device from the stove and poured water into her mismatched mugs. The tea slowly started diffusing throughout the water, giving off its pomegranate scent. She carefully walked them over to the kitchen table and placed each one at a separate place setting, then put sugar in the middle of the table.

Her apartment was small, but not in accessorized.  She had vases full of flowers, mostly white, luxurious furniture with colorful throws on the back of the couch and love seats, a couple of green and blue pieces of leather furniture, Art Nouveau, or new art in French, tapestries on the walls, and an entertainment center that no longer housed a television.  She thought of them as perfect wastes of time.

She unwrapped some muffins that she had bought from the local coffee shop a couple of nights earlier.  They were still moist to the touch.

The doorbell rang and in walked Freedom, with his leather jacket, spiked hair, and emo glasses.

“Hello dear,” he smiled, and kissed her on her cheek.

She loved his creativeness, his intelligence, and his hidden sense of stability.  He always thought through his decisions, was not a heavy drinker, and even attended church on a regular basis. Church was something she experienced as a child, but she was experiencing it in a new way through him.  She relished the sense of security he brought to her life.  She knew she could count on him.

He pulled from his leather satchel a small, shiny gift wrapped in blue paper and adorned with a silver bow.

“For you,” he said, as he gestured to her kitchen table, motioning for her to sit.

Andera gave out a girlish squeal, sat down, and started unwrapping her tiny blue box.

There was a gift card on top, 50 bucks at the local art store that would help pay for another canvas and some more paint, and underneath a box. Her heart skipped a beat as she lifted its lid.  She secretly let out a sigh of relief as she saw that it was not an engagement ring.  She was not ready for that.

Instead, a cloisonné  ring full of greens and blues with hints of white flowers was nestled inside.  Then again, she thought, maybe this was an engagement ring.


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