New Story: Andera

She cowered down underneath the cover of her arms and the darkness.  The stars twinkled light years away.  She lifted her face to the moon.  She laid back on the grass, thankful it hadn’t rained in a while.  Her dog Juno nuzzled her arm and settled in next to her.  Andera placed her hand about her head and sighed. What things could be out there, in the infinity that expanded in all directions all around her.  Shes is a tiny dot on a tiny dot that is suspended in a slightly larger dot called a galaxy out there in space.

She was too old for this, she knew.  31.  She still hadn’t landed a husband yet, and she felt a victim to every penetrating question.  She just couldn’t fall into a routine of one night stands and getting pregnant.  Her mom went to Church and always encouraged her to wait, so she assumed that had made its lasting impression on her. 

Her family just moved to Colorado, leaving her to fend for herself in Havertown, PA.  She hated the winters ever since she was a child, but could always find something to do in the city.  She made her living working in a moderately sized boutique called Breathing Happy.  It housed various hand crafted items, hats, cardigans, jewelry, art, and shoes.  Amanda, the owner and manager of the store, was very close to her, and, after Andera got her business degree, she was pretty much running the show whenever Amanda was gone. 

Andera was smart, beautiful, creative, and fun, but, not terribly happy. There were only a few things she could count on to make her smile, and that was her cute, mop of a dog named Juno, her current beau Freedom, dancing, and painting.  Her paintings were usually happy ones of pastels, purples, and yellows.  They captured sunshine and fields of wild flowers. 

Freedom was also like a little ray of sunshine in her life, too, but more so on the interior than the exterior.  He said his parents were hippies that traveled the U.S. during the 60s and 70s.  They attended several different human rights and anti-war rallies and enjoyed doing some unmentionable things on the Pacific beach of California.  Freedom said he envied his parents freedom, because after his parents became stable and decided to finish school and open up a law firm, Freedom’s name was the last piece of his parent’s legacy that even hinted at, well, being free.  Freedom grew up underneath his parent’s heavy expectations.  He did surprisingly well though, and didn’t hold much of a grudge against them. He graduated with all honors and went onto an ivy league school, the University of Penn. That’s where they had first met. He was currently enrolled in the Annenberg School for Communications to pursue his degree in Journalism. He was almost done..

 She got up from underneath the moon, let her self in, and started working on a pot of tea for them both.  He was finishing up a paper for class, and then was going to stop by to visit.


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